Domine Dirige Nos

Dangerous Children


(From the pen of brother Godric, Baldur’s Day , (Saturday), Halig Monath.

Two days passed. After the morning’s work on Baldur’s Day, the party arrived at the Swan to find it shut as it was flooded. As it was pouring with rain this was not surprising. A friar sermonizing the crowd at the corner said that he had been robbed by ‘sorcerous litle imps’ in a park. Edward figured that this involved the use of Transfix, a moderately powerful sorcery spell. The friar was accosted by a younger child who demanded his money, wherupon everything went black. When the friar came to his money was gone.

The party visited the park and spoke to some children playing there. One remembered seeing a child of teen years with red hair in Falcony Road, heading towards dockside. He had a large knife as well as ‘a funny look on his face’ (as if he was drunk). The party also went to the Faithful Hound Inn near the park. There a barbarian (of short stature but with a very large sword), said he has spoken to a child of this description. He thought the child had a Cornumbrian accent. Apparently there had been robberies involving children in Argen Hill and Bridgewater.

On Halig Day (Sunday) Godric took a walk through the area, coming from the nearest city gate. The rest of the party was watching. Godric had made himself appear as a merchant newly arrived in the city, carrying a bag of gold, (although it was only filled with rocks). After reaching Dockside he headed back to the park.Upon entering an alleyway he was accosted by a child. The whole party except Jayden was afflicted by a Transfix spell, but because the knight was still mobile the children ran. Jayden managed to seize one, who claimed nothing could be done to him as he was only six and thus too young according to both secular and ecclesiastical law to commit a crime. When the party recovered it was decided to take the child to Mistress Marta. The Mistress said she would get answers from the child by that evening.

In the evening the party returned to Mistress Marta’s. The boy had been persuaded to talk by being given sanctuary there. Considering what had happened to him before coming to the city it was no surprise that Mistress Marta’s course of action had been effective. The boy had been kidnapped in Cornumbria and sold to slavers. Several children, including the boy, had been sold to a mysterious figure who always appeared to them wearing a devil’s mask. He was the one that cast the magic while the children looked for potential targets and took the wealth.

Syfsdae (Monday) dawned and the party found that the Swan was open. While there they received royal commands from a messenger to attend the palace. Upon arriving, they were taken to the Star Chamber, the highest court in the kingdom, where they met Mistress Marta. She was required to stay at the palace as the king ‘needed her’, but the party was charged with finding this sorceror. The mistress was prepared to give aid, including her most powerful item, a Stasis spell stored upon a magical Rune. Strict instuctions were given about getting the Rune, which is on a piece of folded cloth and stored in a locked chest. On no account must the Rune be looked at. For this purpose the one getting the Rune (Keiran) will be blindfolded. This exercise is yet to take place.



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