Domine Dirige Nos

Immoral Practices???


(From the pen of Brother Godric, Boldersdae (Saturday), Halig Monath).

I wonder when the Summoner will give me a real case, i.e. something to do with the Church. Instead, there are these ad hoc secular activities that seem to arrive at the Swan every time we do. In fact, talking of the Swan, our host is bethrothed. In his culture, the woman chooses the partner, and in Tokli’s case, he had to defeat her in a (wrestling, boxing, no holds barred pankration??? whatever) contest. He won, (after ten tries), but he did get his bride.

During a visit of several of the city’s churches, I was told by Father Jerome of Our Lady of Grace that the nearby bathhouse was being used for ‘immoral purposes’. However, his only real indication was that when he asked to see the place, the manageress seemed to be ‘almost too eager’ to comply. I said I would take a look.

I told the band at the Swan (still don’t what to call it, but Motley Crew is definitely out). A few decided to enter the place. Edward discovered through his ungodlike powers that the hot and cold pools definitely exhibited magical auras. This suggested some possible deception, (pay to use the cold pool, then pay extra because you’re desperate to use the hot pool to recover from frostbite). Heat for the hypocaust apparently came from a boiler situated in the next building, the Guildhall of Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Glassblowers. (Does this mean they worship retorts and glass mozaics? Sounds pagan to me).

An entrance to the Guildhall was made in the evening of Haligdae (Sunday) by our usual method; we broke in. Down in the cellar was the boiler, clearly unused. In a nearby tunnel a small child came trundling up to us quite calmly, said w’d be in a lot of trouble for being down here and then casually mentioned the name of Bator, at which point he was put into a sack and taken to Mistress Marta.

I have some coal dust to clean off.



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