Domine Dirige Nos

Woodcut posters and thieves falling out


(From the pen of Brother Godric, Wotansdae, (Wednesday), Halig Monath)

My apologies for not being up to speed with events last time. Must be what I drink at the Swan. Anyway this entry starts on the evening of Wotansdae at the Swan. Word came to us that posters were being put up all over the city (and then almost immediately pulled down). Kieran managed to get one, which showed a very good likeness of Darla, except hair color was different. The poster referred to the missing daughter of WylSmyth, a master engraver. We paid a visit to his house and Gregor decided to make a nocturnal entry. At least that was the intention, (considering how many 20s on a d20 were rolled IN A ROW). This resulted in such amusing antics as Gregor literally falling into the bed occupied by the engraver and his wife and then running into a cupboard while trying a hasty exit, (in pitch blackness). A crossbow bolt fortunately missed the hapless burglar wannabe. (Pity we missed the antics). Yours truly entered and managed to calm things down with the engraver. With his skills he was able to create a very good likness of Gregor on a woodcutting there and then. Master WylSmyth said his daughter Margory had been missing for four days. I said the church would look into it. Also the man in the woodcutting was known to me and was most likely a common burglar, with nothing to do with his daughter.

(After all this, Gregor decided to shave his beard, hide his distinctive cap and lie low for a few days. I don’t blame him).

On Torsdae (Thursday) we again met at the Swan. Keiran revealed he has a portrait of Darla painted by an artist who lived next to a brothel called The House of a Thousand Dreams. He also said that he had on good authority that Darla was currently with the children working for the sorceror. Meanwhile Edward went to see Mistress Marta about the boy rescued from the sorceror. Because the boy had been exposed to demonology he had to be cleansed, involving a swearing in ceremony in which Edward assisted. Before leaving, he was told by Kes, the girl that works there, that she was sure she had seen a girl just like Darla, (or Marjory), at the bishop’s house. Edward revealed this to us.

On Freyasdae (Friday) I visited the bishop’s house. His Grace showed me the girl staying there, and it became immediately apparent that it was Marjory. Upon confronting the woman that attended her, she would only say that she and the two other women that tended the girl were with the Secret Service. The bishop immediately said he would handle the matter, but gave me permission to visit the engraver and tell him and his wife their daughter was safe and should be back with them shortly. I was also told to visit the summoner to get an ecclesiatical court prepared ‘in case it was necessary’. Both were done.

That night we were visited by an 8 year old girl who, after demanding food, (and getting potatoes), said that Darla would be returned if we ‘backed’ off. After a descussion we agreed. (This indicted to me a falling out among the thieves or at least the sorceror was getting cold feet, especially if he had found out that both the bishop and Mistress Marta were interested in him). A short time later the child said Darla was in the latrines, where we found her hogtied and gagged. Julianne told the child that if she came to the Swan at the same time each week she would get more food. The child was very enthusiastic about this. (A possible method set up by Julianne to get information from the child about the sorceror at a later date). The child did reveal that Darla had referred to the sorceror as ‘Master Bator’.

Dumping Darla into a sack she was carried off to the bishop’s house, (attracting quite a crowd of interested onlookers who were amused at her protests, as well as two men at arms that acted as an escort). After returning Darla, Marjory was taken back to her parents and a report was sent to Mistress Marta.

At present we are still tasked with finding the sorceror, (the name ‘Bator’ and the child may help). The ecclesiastical court may still be needed. No inquiry regarding the House of the Thousand Dreams has been made.



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