City Governance of Ongus

Ongus acknowledges the King as the ruler of all Albion and therefore of Ongus, but accepts the rule of no Lord over Ongus except for the King himself.

The city is governed by the Lord Mayor and Corporation. The Corporation consists of the leaders of each Guild of Ongus – one among their number is elected Lord Mayor every three years and may serve no more than three terms consecutively.

The election of the Lord Mayor involves a ballot open to all freemen and freewomen of Ongus aged 21 or older – but people’s votes are of different values. Each person has one vote, but Journeymen of any Guild gain four extra votes for a total of five, and Masters of any Guild gain nine extra votes for a total of ten. Guild Apprentices get a single additional vote, regardless of age, which is cast on their behalf by their Master (if a Guild Apprentice is over 21, he or she may cast their own vote as they like – but their Master has control over their Guildsman’s vote – many Masters do consult their Apprentice as a matter of courtesy, but there is no requirement for that to happen). In the event of a Lord Mayor dying in office, the oldest Head of a Guild will preside until a new election can be held.

While in office, the Lord Mayor has the status of an Earl of the Kingdom and is addressed as Your Worship. They are traditionally Knighted by the King, but this is not actually required.

City Governance of Ongus

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