Oldfort is definitely the oldest large building in Ongus, and may well be its oldest intact building of any size. It was built as a Selentine fortress during the Imperial period, and is somewhere close to 1000 years old. It has been extensively modified, especially externally, but the core is still old stone, heavy with age as well and its true physicality.

It serves as the city’s main prison, and also incorporates the Courts, and the centre of the cities legal administration and the city guard and militia. It is a huge looming presence on the northern edge of the city, near the northern gate.

It is known to contain dungeons of various sorts underground, and cells above ground as well, include some designed to hold wealthy and powerful prisoners in relative comfort. There are reports – enough to seem reliable – of torture chambers in the fortress, but torture is little used nowadays except perhaps in cases of treason. At least not at Oldfort. And floggings and whippings are administered within the walls of Oldfort as punishment, if not as torture.

It is a place most people do not wish to go.


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