The Swan

The Swan is a inn and tavern located in the Byway ward of Ongus. It is the main haunt of the adventurers as the campaign begins. They have been visiting it regularly for the last year or so and are considered regulars.

It is a three story brick building. Entrance is via a stairway in a court off of Middle Finger. The stairway leads into the cellar of the building which is the main tavern area. All above ground floors are inaccessible from the outside (unless you climb through the windows) . The tavern area is dark and smoky but warm and comfortable.

The Swan is owned and operated by Bonner and Carmer Swantender. Bonner is a man in his forties, his wife (who is also the chief cook) is a little younger. They are strong adherents of the True Faith – the cost of non-fasting food doubles on Freyasdae’s to pay for the indulgences they purchase in order to allow such foods to be served – not an uncommon practice in Ongus, but they make sure everybody knows the money is truly paid to the Church and not just to line their own pockets. There are four staff – a barmaid, the tiny, sweet, and blonde Dahlia who is in her early 20s, and a huge barman named Tockley, who also acts as bouncer when one is needed – this large darkskinned man is rumoured to be one of the strongest in Ongus, but he is a gentle giant. Fourteen year old Hemen has the job of keeping the place clean – he is a clever lad who knows how to seem even younger than he is when it is to his advantage, and he often annoys those just a little older than him, and Jasandra, a sad young widow helps in the Kitchen and serves as a waitress or barmaid when needed. All of these live in the tavern – others who are non resident are also employed, especially to cover the mornings and early afternoons.



The Swan opens at noon each day and closes at dawn the following day.


Staying at the Inn costs a different amount depending on the level of luxury. A bed in the basic but comfortable barracks can be obtained for only a florin a night. There is a single room with three beds that is available for female customers at a similar price per bed – woman can sleep in the general barracks, but will always be offered a bed in the triple room if there are beds available there. There are double rooms that sleep two for six florins a night. There are two quality rooms available for 12 Florins a night – this includes the option of having both meals and baths available in the room. There is a bathroom with three tubs that is available for one florin an hour per tub – five florins per tub for hot water. The use of this room is strictly sex segregated except for married couples or close families.


The Swan is well known for its extensive menu.

Beverages – per serve:

Ale (St Alauria’s Special Brew)… 1 penny
Beer (St Alauria’s Goodbeer)… 1 penny
Cider (Dreadhollow’s Best)… 1 penny
Ginger Beer (Swanbrewed)…. 1 penny

Mead (Bees Best)… 3 pennies
Spiced Mead (Cheeky Bees)… 4 pennies
White Mead (Bee and Bird)… 4 pennies

Milk (almond) (Homemade)… 3 pennies
Milk (cow) (Tread Road Dairy)… 3 pennies
Milk (goat)… 2 pennies

Blackberry Wine (Northgate Wines)… 3 pennies
Chaubrettan Wine (Vilnen’s the Vintners)… 2 florins
Elderberry Wine (Northgate Wines)… 3 pennies
Mulled Wine (Northgate Wines)… 8 pennies
Claret (Northgate Wines)… 3 pennies

Applejack (Dreadhollow’s Strong)… 3 florins
Brandy (Vilnen’s Quality Blend)… 2 florins
Thulish Spirits (Thulanch)… 2 florins
Sack (Vilnen’s Forter)… 1 florin

Dandelion and Burdock (Mistress Hildegarde’s)… 1 penny
Lemonade (Mistress Hildegarde’s)… 4 pennies
Limeade (Mistress Hildegarde’s)… 3 pennies


Bread Roll (Tucker Street Bakery)… 1 penny
Cheese (block) (Fishhead Cheese)… 2 pennies
Oysters (3) (Docksides Sauce)… 2 pennies
Pickled Herring (Docksides Sauce)… 1 penny
Pickled Onion (Fishhead Cheese)… 1 penny

Baked Potato (blind)… 3 pennies
Baked Potato with Cheese… 4 pennies
Baked Potato with Sour Cream… 4 pennies
Baked Potato with Bacon… 4 pennies
Baked Potato with Onions… 4 pennies
Baked Potato with All the Trims… 1 florin

Cabbage Chowder… 4 pennies
Chicken Soup… 4 pennies
Chipped Potatoes… 3 pennies
Chitterlings… 7 pennies
Egg (fried, boiled, or scrambled)… 2 pennies
Egg and bacon… 6 pennies
Egg and Bacon and Sausage… 1 florin
Fried Fish… 6 pennies
Grilled Fish… 5 pennies
Lasagne with cheese… 3 florins
Meat Pottage (pottage with meat)…. 9 pennies
Mortrew (higher quality meat pottage)… 15 pennies
Mutton stew… 2 florins
Pigeon Pie… 5 pennies
Pigs Trotters (each)… 5 pennies
Ploughmans Lunch… 4 pennies
Pork Sausages (2) with vegetables… 9 pennies
Pork Sausages (each)…. 3 pennies
Porridge… 2 pennies
Pottage (grain and vegetable stew)… 3 pennies
Roast Mutton with vegetables… 3 florins
Roast Pork with vegetables… 4 florins
Roast Rabbit with vegetables… 2 florins
roast salmon with wine sauce… 5 florins
Scumgullion… 6 pennies
Cheese Tart… 5 pennies
Eel Pie… 9 pennies
Steak and Kidney Pie… 1 florin

Specialty of the House

Roast Swan with vegetables…10 florins (must be ordered two days in advance)

Stone Soup

Because of their strong religious beliefs, Bonner and Carmer maintain the tradition of Stone Soup in their tavern. Under this tradition a cauldron of Stone Soup is kept bubbling on a fire at all times. Any person may get a bowl of this soup in exchange for one penny or by putting an ingredient of some sort – an onion, or a mushroom, or a scrap of meat, or some cabbage – into the pot. People believe that paying a penny for another who cannot afford their own will also buy off a little of your own sin as a minor indulgence – exactly what is in Stone Soup at any time is unknown and sometimes best not thought about – but it staves away starvation for many in their times of need.

The Swan

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