“Think of an ancient city. One that never sleeps. Not a city of God, but very much a city of Man. Of men, and of women, of girls and of boys. Of heroes and of villains. Of traitors and of loyalists. Of Saints and of sinners. Of Masters and of ’prentices.

Of Free men – and no others.

This is Ongus. This is our city. And we shall preserve it.

No Lord but the King. By our consent."
- Aelfric Tanner, Lord Mayor of Ongus

“We will have law in this city. God’s law, the King’s law, or City law – I don’t much care which, as long as it says these murderers hang.”
- Robard, Earl of Mancaster, Baron of Ongar, Earl Marshall of Albion

“Through these streets a Saint did walk, and I did walk beside him. And no King will tell me otherwise.”
- Eostre Stanlet, Bishop of Ongus