Domine Dirige Nos

Investigations in Borton


(From the pen of Brother Godric, Tyresdae (Tuesday), Halig Monath

Having arrived in Borton, (and trying to get accustomed to the smell), we investigated Frickard’s house. He had been found in his bed with a crossbow bolt in his chest. The crossbow was missing. We found strange yellow chalk marks all over the house. In his room was a crude drawing in blood of a hanged man, with a cipher that eventually read ’what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’

We then surprised a man climbing into the room using a ladder. After he was seized two others were heard running away. He said he was Cylis, a member of the Committee of Public Recriminiations, also inquiring into the murder. (The impression we got was that the Borton group didn’t think much of our abilities).

Other members included:
Undal Parrwicker – Inkmakers.
Karl Darldimple – Goose Farmer.
Janet Morallian – Clerk at paper manufacturers.
Viviaquin – Odd job man at the Monastery who talked about ‘mysterious deaths.’

It became apparent that Undal and Janet favoured the new quill, whie Karl and Viviaquin did not. Cylis was neutral.

The marks over the house suggested that it was about to be turned into tenements.

On Wotansdae, the party met with Viviquan at the monastery who said there had been ‘certain deaths’. An investigation was made at the Public Records at the Town Hall. The list of deaths, including Frikard’s, suggested a certain, as yet unidentified person stood to gain this house about to be turned into tenements. It became apparent that the death of Frikard may have nothing to do with the opposition between quill and nib.



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