Domine Dirige Nos

Monastery Mayhem


(From the pen of Brother Godric, Torsdae, Halig Monath). Ayden, Julianne and I set off, less than a day behind the others. But with snow falling it became obvious we would not reach Ongus and as the afternoon wore on we looked about for shelter. Lights in the distance led us to a monastery where we were let in. We found that we had arrived at a seen of utter mayhem. The other party members were there, having come across a scene of obvious murder. The feet of one Brother Edmund were sticking up out of the main cauldron in the kitchen, withe the words ‘Penance is done’ daubed on the cauldron. When his body was pulled out it was found that Edmund had been manually strangled by someone with unusually long fingers.

This was not the first mysterious death. Some weeks ago Brother Able, the librarian, leapt from one of the walls, an apparent suicide, and was buried outside the monastery. A few days ago, Guilarno, a hunchback who was the bellringer, was found hanging from his bells, also manually strangled. Again the words ‘Penance is done’ was written on one of the bells.

The brothers who found Edmund, Brothers Francoise and Bernadino, swore they saw Brother Able standing over the cauldron. In their hurry to flee through the door they collided with each other and fell, allowing Able to pass. Able would be described as a person with unusually long fingers.

The brothers said they had previously seen Edmund walking through the snow towards the kitchen and decided to follow him as Edmund was always suspected of stealing food.

One interesting point was that Edmund was Guilarno’s only friend.

Brother Francois wears a magical charm around his neck.

Some months ago the library burned down. Although many books were saved all the documents were destroyed, (although cpies of these would be at the cathedral). Several monks left as a result of the loss of the library. The books were currently being stored in the stables.

The body of Edmund was taken to the infirmary and cleaned by Brother Debrace. He confirmed that he buried Able himself.

After some sleep and some breakfast to start Freyadae the grave of brother Able was examined. It was empty. In fact it appeared something had clawed its way out. A search of Able’s possessions produced a diary. It referred to Able’s revelation of the location of a well that would bring good fortune to the monastery. He told Brother Bernadino, who said this was heresy and that Able was never to mention it again. This was the last entry, on the day of Able’s death.

We headed over to the chapel which was found to be filled with lighted candles. Brother Bernadino was there, praying. Brother Able appeared and Bernadino screamed out, “We murdered you.” I intervened, promising Brother Able that Bernadino would face the Ecclesiastical Court in Ongus which would certainly mean a death sentence for him, and that Able could go to his rest without any further blood on his hands.



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