Domine Dirige Nos

The Party arrived at the tower of the Tashim (Alhim) on the way back to Ongus where they found the front door broken down. A piece of parchment nailed to the doorframe, most of which was ripped away, was nailed there by a good nail, probably mailed in Ongus. The paper was of particularly good quality (church or government use).

On entering the tower the Party found that the ground floor was a library which had been almost completely trashed, only a couple of books remained, one of which was a copy of the Holy Scriptures (a particularly good copy). A large stain was also found in the centre of the room.

On the first floor the Party found a bed chamber. Again the room had been ransacked with the bed slashed open.

On the second floor the Party found what was left of a laboratory and another ladder leading up.

The Party proceeded to the roof where the Party found a large, heavy chest which showed signs of abuse. However the chest had remained unopened.

From the tower the Party noticed the remains of a bonfire near the tower. On closer inspection it was found to have been burnt books.

On the Party’s return to Ongus an attempted to arrest Eadweard is made on the authority of Father Elcano. Helga, Eadweard’s bodyguard, advises the Party to run. Those who hadn’t already passed through the gate decided to either run or go with the guard. An attempt to arrest Brother Godric is made but the guard refused to carry out the order. Godric is advised to go directly to the Bishop’s Palace.

Those that ran (Eadweard, Jayden, Aelfraed, Julianne, Keiran and Gregor) headed for the south gate.

(Eadweard, Jayden, Aelfraed, Julianne, Keiran and Gregor) made it into the city and hid at the orphanage.

Godric and Ayden made it to the Bishop’s Palace where they discovered that Elcano was claiming to be an Inquisitor from the Pope sent to root out heresy. It seems he was behind the attach on the tower and the order to arrest Eadweard (because he’s a sorcerer).

After midnight (Eadweard, Jayden, Aelfraed, Julianne, Keiran and Gregor) were lead from the orphanage into the tunnels under the city where they met “Amethyst”, a member of the thieves guild (the Crooked Rooks) and the Party was in the Rookery. They learnt that Mistress Marta had been arrested along with almost every other sorcerer in the city.

The following the day (Eadweard, Jayden, Aelfraed, Julianne, Keiran and Gregor) made their way back to Mistress Marta’s School where they found Alhim. Eadweard returned the books that the Party saved to him and Jayden went and acquired clothes for him.



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