Domine Dirige Nos

War of the Writing Implements


(From the pen of Brother Godric, Tyrsdae (Tuesday), Halig Monath)

Pity. No entry for when the sorceror, in fact a dark elementalist) was finally taken down. So I’ll have to skip to a new entry, when on Tyrsdae, Kieran received a summons to the Merchants Guild. We all turn up, where we are asked to sold of the murder of a scribe, Callery Frikard, the town of Borton about ten miles away. We agreed and set off, to find the town was most disagreeable in terms of smell.

It became apparent that there were two rival factions in the town. Frikard had created a new writing nib, which allowed faster writing without as much skill as with a quill. Those who supported the traditional way of writing the (traditionalists) opposed those who wanted the quill made readily available, (the modernists).

The town council is made up of members representing each of the guilds and a town representative.

Places of possible interest:
Guild of Scribes.
The Inkmakers’ Union.
The Borton Goose Breeders Association.
The town paper manufacturers.
The Monastery of Blackwood.



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