Ayden Falk




Ayden was born on the 29th Day of Waed-Monath AS 976, the youngest of five children of the Falk family who trade as general merchants in Chicken Street, Great Oak. He was educated at the Guildhall School, and is apprenticed as a smith to Master Madgar who has his fine work smithy in Straightshot Street, Sunmedow. Ayden had no desire to join the family business so persuaded his older brother (the current head of the Falk family) to apprentice him out. He is skilled at fine metal working – dealing with the smaller pieces with small tolerances that are needed for various mechanisms like latches and locks, and small metal toys. He lives in a room at the Smithy.

He is also training with the city Militia based out of the Barracks in Ongwic, which is where he is acquiring the combat training normally associated with a Knight, but without pretensions to any of the fancier aspects of that lifestyle.

Ayden Falk

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