Brother Godric




Brother Godric was born in a small village just outside of Breylak, the younger son of a former Crusading Knight appointed as steward. Godric was obviously cut out for an academic life – intelligent and interested in reading, so he was sent into the Church. He has trained in Ongus and has recently taken holy orders. He has been assigned as assistant to the Summoner of Ongus, Father Henwick. The Summoner investigates ecclesiastical crimes and prosecutes such crimes through the Ecclesiastical Court when necessary. Because anybody who can claim benefit of clergy can apply to have any crime they are accused of dealt with by the Ecclesiastical Court, in practice, this means almost any type of crime can potentially come under the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Court. Godric was born on the first day of the year – the 1st of Forst-Monath AS 976. He has a cell and a small office in the Cathedral.

Brother Godric

Domine Dirige Nos magnustrove