Gregor Gilwrought




Gregor Gilwrought was born on the 6th Day of Halig-Monath AS 976. He is the son of Hagor and Morgor Gilwrought, who own a goldsmiths on Grace and Favour Street in Gracefields. Gregor is apprenticed to his father and expected to inherit the family business someday, but he has realised that given his father’s relative youth – he is only in his mid thirties – this day may be a long way from coming, and so Gregor has started developing less formal methods of raising his own capital. He is a skilled thief with the talents of an Assassin, although his parents are unaware of this. He is affiliated with the Crooked Rooks. Gregor lives above the family business with his parents, but they are often out at night – and so increasingly is he.

Gregor Gilwrought

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