Jayden Lyman




Jayden Lyman was born on the 23rd day of Thawian-Monath, AS 976 (making him 16 in 992). He is a Squire in the Most Worshipful Order of St Wythan – more generally known to people in general as the Knights Capellar, a Crusading Order, with significant ties to finance and banking. Like many Knights Cappellar, he has been trained as a Warlock – educated people know the Capellar’s dabble in magic, and even the common people have heard rumours, but as it has the sanction of the Church, nobody comments too much about it.

Jayden is the son of a portrait painter (Daffid) living in Boar Lane, Sunmedow, but he now lives at the Order’s Chapter House in Argent Hill. He began his education in the care of Mistress Marta at her Dame School, where she realised he had the potential for magic and began his training. But at he sought out the opportunity to fight at every turn, and to spend as much time as possible at the List Field watching the jousting knights, she reluctantly concluded that the life of a Sorcerer would not satisfy him and arranged for him to be taking in by the Capellars to begin his training about nine years ago. He is one of a number of local boys being trained by the Order, in a community of both Albish and Kurlish Knights.

His official duties as a Squire are limited to being expected to help out with cleaning and cooking on a rostered basis, staying up to date with his training, and being available to carry out orders if given to him.

Jayden’s mother is Lucy (Lucia) and he has a younger sister, Isabel, named after Lucy’s mother, who is 11 years old (born on the 6th of Oster-monath, 981)

Jayden Lyman

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