Jessica Blackmore




Jessica’s father, Sir Ethan Blackmore, was once a renowned jouster, but when injured to the extent that he could no longer compete effectively, he literally forged a new career as one of the best Swordsmiths in Ongus – indeed in all of Albion. The family’s business is located on Cushion Street, the centre of shopping in Ongus.

Jessica lives in the family home on the south edge of the List Field and has grown up learning to fight. She has no desire to live the life of a gentle lady, and it looks like her parents are willing to allow this. Fiercely independent she briefly attended the Guildhall School – available only to boys – until her attempt to pass as a boy was uncovered when she was going to be beaten for fighting. She would have accepted the beating, but was instead sent to the School of the Immaculate Saint Sandii, where she stretched their views on girls being as entitled to the same education as boys to the utter limit. She has trained herself with the skills of a Knight, and hopes to emulate the women she has seen in that role over the years. For the moment she still lives in Ongus, but she doesn’t plan on staying there forever – not unless it is on her terms.

She was born of the 12th day of Bael Monath AS 975.

Jessica Blackmore

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