Julianne Sinclair




Julianne Of the Dales Sinclair is the daughter of Quinlan Sinclair and Berima of the Dales, husband and wife who work together as bowyers and fletchers from their home in Dreadhollow Street. Julianne has been educated at the School of the Immaculate Saint Sandii where she has absorbed their philosophy that there is no good reason that women should not be as educated as men, or – if they choose to – live the lives that they are able to make for themselves. There was initially resistance to the idea of a girl joining the boys of Longmarket at their archery practice until Julianne’s natural talent with the bow was used to suggest that the only reason they might object was concern at being beaten by a girl. Once the initial resistance was overcome, some basic training with other weapons followed.

Natural talent… Julianne’s talent with the bow is natural enough, but it comes alongside her natural abilities as a Mystic as her mother is. The discipline required to master these natural talents so you control them rather than them controlling you work well with the skills required by a good archer.

Julianne was born on the 21st of Heorfest-Monath, 985AS.

Julianne Sinclair

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