Keiran Bode




Keiran grew up on the streets. He doesn’t know his birthday, but has chosen to celebrate it on 31st Eath-Monath each year, and he was probably born in AS 976. Like many other street urchins, he was taken in by Mistress Marta to be educated in her Dame School, and she eventually arranged for his apprenticeship with the Guild of Messengers, in order to give him a chance at earning an honest living. He is employed as a messenger during the day at the Guild and Council Hall.

Keiran has no problem with the idea of earning an honest living, but he also has no problem with the idea of earning a less than honest one at the same time. He is a Knave and he lives by his wits. He is a member of the Crooked Rooks, and takes advantage of that. He lives alone in a small garret room above a physicians shop in Raisin Lane in the Southside District.

Keiran Bode

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