Domine Dirige Nos

What came before, affects what comes after...

Bloody Elves!!!

You remember when we went to that meeting, where the elf’s came last and left first and our minds were addled and jaddled. Powerful men and women and orc’s and elf’s spoke of things of moment and import however we knew it not.

It is linked somehow to what we are doing now, wandering around a subterranean complex occupied by four different groups chasing 4 keys for four locks that only need three to be turned to release what the elf’s say will be the end of the Greatest City of Albion, perhaps the world, a trap left by the departing Selentines, who felt that what they cannot hold no one else should have.

The Elf’s want the keys, Mancaster should be given the keys and we have settled on a plan to have 2 each. Once we find them.

There are four groups.

Chaubrettan Spies who had a plot to abduct the scions of the rich and powerful and others with some claim to power. ( I Eadweard was on the list, a cell prepared and named. I have long known my father was well off, however I would not have thought he could exert the influence that would make myself a target or the riches to command a mighty ransom. I am but the third son, and not his Heir) By Gatanedes these Chaubrettans grow bold. WE have taken their key.

Summoners of Daemons and Dark powers, a Cult of Death that talks of the light occupy another Quarter. They it seems are disrupted somewhat by our activities and driven from the complex, there plan perhaps undone? We have not found their key, perhaps they fled with it.

Elf’s of course occupy the third Quarter, and they have a key still and desire a second. They were not aware that three would unlock the doom. The elves of course want us gone, the leader professes though no will to be the one who does it her?self. The Elf’s fear not the Doom, assured they were when it was placed that it would bring no harm to them. I cannot trust the Elf’s. They hate us. Mancaster is filled with wroth against them, they do irritate his bowels so.

The Elf’s have tole us the nature of the last occupants, the fourth quarter. Birdmen they named them. The Mungodan bird priests perhaps?? Most likely. They are nasty filthy things. However we must do what we can. Mancaster is counting upon us.

So far we have learn much. The Elf’s believe the doom for us and the great city above lies behind the door. The Chaubrettan’s have it in for us, as did a death cult, the Inquisition were here before and are gone believing they have secured a prize and chasing further the allegations of Heresy, and the Birdman have there own nasty and nefarious plans that we must now reveal.

Can we trust the Elf’s and what they have told us? That is the question that much vexes me.



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