The City of Ongus

Ongus is the capital of the Kingdom of Albion.

Ongus is the capital city of Albion. It has a permanent population of approximately 40,000 people but can swell considerably on occasion. The city was founded during the days when the Selentine Empire occupied Albion, and it has persisted ever since although at times, its population fell dramatically. Today, the only parts of the old Selentine City that still remain are the core structure of the city walls, the old fortress known as Oldfort, a few ruins (most notably a ruined temple to the Selentine God of War, although small ruins can be seen scattered about the city, and some buildings may have old stonework and brickwork incorporated in them) and a number of old Latrina – public toilet facilities – scattered about the city that make use of the still intact sewer system that runs under the city – it was built to last).

The city is governed by a City Council (made up of representatives elected by ‘Freemen of the City’ in each Ward, and from each Guild) headed by a Lord Mayor elected from the council each year. It acknowledges no Lord but the King himself as any inherent authority over the city. The Guilds (many of which have built grand Guild Halls over the last fifty years or so) are the true core of the city’s power.

The city is divided into areas refers to as ‘Wards’, along with a couple of other districts within and without the walls. Only Wards are entitled to return members to the Council.

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The City of Ongus

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